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File Assistant - Files Browser and Documents Manager


Do you ever forget to bring some important files for meeting or for  some important occasion? People might forget to bring the little thumbdrive but will not go out the door without their cell phone.

Do you hope your laptop that store all your important files can be lighter and smaller?

File Assistant Iphone App aims to solve these problems for you. Files assistant assists user in file transfer (USB or wireless), document management and file viewing. Having File Assistant is like employing a personal assistant that helps you in your file management.

File Assistant distinguished features:

★★★ File operation like copy, move, zip and email is extremely easy now by having folders side by side and utilizing swiping (finger touch and move left or right quickly) gesture to conduct the operation. This is especially true when user wants to conduct file operation from multiple folders to a single folder.

★★★ Creating shortcut to favorite folder is especially useful when user urgently need to access certain file which is located in subfolder.


File Transfer:
★ Transfer multiple files/folders wirelessly to or from PC and Mac.
★ Transfer files using iTunes file sharing
★ Transfer and store downloaded file from safari, attachment from email and file from any other apps that support “open in”.

Document Management:
★ Create multi levels folder storage.
★ Open two folders side by side for operation like copy and move, swipe to copy or move file/subfolder from one folder to another.
★ Swipe files/folders into zip container and zip multiple files/folders at once.
★ Swipe files/folders into mailbox and email multiple files/folders at once.
★ Swipe files/folders into trash and delete multiple files/folders at once.
★ Rename file by touch and hold the filename.
★ Create and edit text file.
★ Record audio memo.
★ Capture image and video.
★ Create Shortcut to your favorite folder which can access directly through main screen.
★ Create and send email.

File Viewing:
File Assistant can unzip files and store in a directory. It also support file viewing for file with following format.
★ Microsoft Office - word(doc, docx), Excel(xls, xlsx), Powerpoint(ppt, pptx)
★ iWork – Pages, Numbers and Keynotes
★ PDF, Plain Text and Rich Text Format (RTF)
★ Images (jpg, png, gif, tiff etc.). Able to View in Slide mode.
★ Audio (wav, aac, mp3, aiff)
★ video (mp4, m4v, mov)
★ web pages (html, xhtml etc) File Sorting: Other than showing files and folder by level, File Assistant allows user to sort files by name, by date and by file type. It also provides recent file list and search function.

File Sharing:
★ Support “Open in” feature, so that user can open the file with their favorite app like iBook,Pages, Numbers, Keynote etc.
★ Print documents through Airprint supported printer.
★ Email documents as attachedment.
★ Support Airplay for video and audio.

★ Able to password protect the wireless connection to desktop.
★ Able to password protect the access to File Assistant itself.

★ In-App Email Feedback
★ In-App Features suggest
★ Step by Step instruction manual.

Great User Interface:
★ Carefully design user interface. From main screen, user can easily some of main features like shortcut to favorite folder, search, app security lock, photo library, folders in root directory, add folder and wifi setting.
★ Animation to enhance the usage experience.

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